Dovetail Woodworking and Nest: A Match Made in Heaven

posted by Mary Imig Gallimore on April 20, 2010

A fabulous home furnishings store with integrated design services, plus custom furniture and cabinetry built to perfectly suit a client, equals a match made in heaven - and in real life.

Many already know Nest, in downtown Sheboygan, to be the place to go for superior home furnishings with the added benefit of on-location design service. Enter Kim Butler Channel of Dovetail Woodworking, the husband of Pamela Butler Channel, owner of Nest. Together, the couple combines their skills, knowledge and creativity to formulate a shopping experience that is second to none.

 Kim, whose background includes 13 years of experience in the building trades, ten as a finish carpenter, opened his own shop, Dovetail Woodworking, in 2006. He builds anything from dining room tables and entertainment centers to beds and built-in cabinets. Each piece is custom designed and built specifically for the client, based on their needs regarding space, style, functionality, scale, color, etc. Kim works with cherry, maple, walnut, birch - or any wood species to which the customer is drawn. To further enhance the finished product, he offers clear, stained and catalyzed-paint finishes. His meticulous attention to detail is evident even in the smallest of projects. In addition to gorgeous pieces of furniture, Kim also creates custom built-in cabinets, cash-wraps and display pieces for commercial businesses, such as the beautiful store fixtures at Nest and The Bemis Bath Shoppe.

Often, his favorite part of the process is the initial design of the piece. Most customers have specific parameters he needs to work within so it can be a challenge to design a piece that is well-constructed, is aesthetically pleasing and fits the client’s needs - but he finds a way to do it every time. And each one is truly a work of art. “I find the process of making raw material into a finished project the most exciting. It’s the transformation of the ordinary into something special”, says Kim.

Dovetail Woodworking is located in Sheboygan.

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