A Toast to Nest And the Style of Pamela Butler Channel

posted by Beth Carreno on October 13, 2016

Pam is excited about Nest entering its 15th year in Sheboygan. But, she doesn’t think anyone will want to read about her. I know this isn’t true.

Pam is Nest. And Nest’s impact on downtown Sheboygan is unmistakable. Perhaps Pam has been inside your home to select colors and furniture; maybe Nest is your source for the perfect gift or special something you need; at the holidays her nickname is “Santa Pam;” and she provides many of us with style inspiration.

Beautiful Pam

Pam Butler Channel

So this very special blog is a feature of Pam and her answers to these 15 questions…

A self-professed reader of too many Oprah magazines, Pam took a lifelong involvement in retail and turned it into Nest. She was the kid who always had lemonade stands and candy shops at the end of the driveway. This says a lot since she grew up on a gravel road more than a mile from a tiny town of 300!
Her journey would take her to helping out at her grandpa’s antiques store, the stores of several arts centers and museums, and a detour as a creative writer. Her 1997 marriage to Kim eventually led to her move to the Sheboygan area. After a few years working for others, she opened the doors of Nest.

1. What vendors were the first you carried and that you still carry (and couldn’t live without)?

The second order I wrote to start the store was to Kyle Ellison at Kentucky Spring. We still carry his awesome wooden salad tongs at Nest and they are a customer favorite....I need at least 30 minutes to place a reorder as it's always great to catch up with Kyle.

Kyle Ellison

Kentucky Spring's Salad Tongs

When you're at Nest, check out the code on the price tags, the lower numbers have been here since day one. And the new vendors we checked in this week are #724 and #725! Dash & Albert rugs and Pine Cone Hill bedding were in the first five and are still a huge presence today.

2. Do you have a favorite new vendor?

I'm super excited about Emiko Franzen (photography) and we have some new jewelry artists coming who will knock it out of the park.

MG 0005

Ferris Wheel Art Photography by Emiko Franzen of F2Images

3. Who is the vendor you identify with the most

Simon Pearce is the artist and person I most admire... We have a very similar aesthetic and business philosophy, and taking care of our customers is paramount.

Simon Pearch Final

Simon Pearce's Essex COllection

4. What is your favorite color and your color philosophy?

Until a couple years ago, I would have said green, but now I'm loving blue-greens and even blues. My color philosophy is that it is a free country and if you love a color, you should use it. I really dislike red, but I have several clients who love it and it makes them feel great and we use it in their homes. Because who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks?

5. How do you approach (or what’s your mindset) for a new design job?

Really I am just a good listener. Clients just need to be drawn out and they'll tell me what they want and need - and then I figure out how to make that happen beautifully.

ResizedImage600649 e3695626540611feecc1d20c6fbadc31

The Result of Pam Using Her Superpowers

6. How do you balance Nest and raising your awesome kids?

Our kids are an important part of our businesses. So inspiring and curious and important to feed and clothe. They're super helpful, understanding and have grown up knowing the importance of great ideas, integrity and acting on both. (And you might even see them working at the store these days.)

Channel Kids

The Channel Kids in Younger Days

7. Who builds those amazing custom furniture pieces?

My husband (Kim Butler Channel / Dovetail Woodworking) is a talented furniture and cabinet maker. And sometimes, when it is really important, he'll build something for Nest. He's a really busy guy, but he has been integral to Nest's success. Always there to change light bulbs on the crazy-high ladder, there to deliver furniture, there to take care of the kids.

ResizedImage600434 c026ee66e18ea74449fda7b6d52c2907

A Dovetail Woodworking Creation

8. What do you look forward to?

Resting. And traveling.

What do you look forward to

MerSea Wraps Ready for Resting or Travel

9. What’s your favorite time of year?

I love fall. And Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

juliska forest walk table

A Thanksgiving Table Set with Juliska's Forest Walk

10. What trend do you think will be the next big one?

Mixed metals and even mixed within the same room (antique bronze faucet with brushed gold cabinet hardware, for example). I love all the greys and greyed-out colors. We've always loved and used them, but now that they're hot, that's an easier discussion.

11. What trend would you like to see come back?

Velvet. It's a perennial favorite of mine and a classic.

Velvet Pumpkins Hot Skwash

Velvet Pumpkins from Hot Skwash

12. Where do you get your inspiration?

Nature. Specifically light, color, texture, pattern. I read dozens of magazines, blogs, design books and catalogs. I use Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. I visit web sites, trade shows, design centers and stores. But nothing is more inspiring than a walk along the lake.

13. What are you most proud of?

My family. I would actually choose my kids to spend time with and befriend. And I would marry my husband all over again. And anyone who knows me, knows I have the most incredible circle of friends a girl could ask for. I'm very, very lucky.

14. What is your bliss?

Learning something new. Or visiting a new place. And college football.

15. How much sleep do you get? (And what kind of sheets?)

Not enough? I have Peacock Alley Soprano sheets on my bed right now - and they are amazing! My favorite sheets in the house are on Delaney's bed - a super soft striped set of Pine Cone Hill fabulousness.

MG 0030h

A Picture from Nest Home Store Taken by Emiko Franzen

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Dovetail Woodworking and Nest: A Match Made in Heaven

posted by Mary Imig Gallimore on April 20, 2010

A fabulous home furnishings store with integrated design services, plus custom furniture and cabinetry built to perfectly suit a client, equals a match made in heaven - and in real life.

Many already know Nest, in downtown Sheboygan, to be the place to go for superior home furnishings with the added benefit of on-location design service. Enter Kim Butler Channel of Dovetail Woodworking, the husband of Pamela Butler Channel, owner of Nest. Together, the couple combines their skills, knowledge and creativity to formulate a shopping experience that is second to none.

 Kim, whose background includes 13 years of experience in the building trades, ten as a finish carpenter, opened his own shop, Dovetail Woodworking, in 2006. He builds anything from dining room tables and entertainment centers to beds and built-in cabinets. Each piece is custom designed and built specifically for the client, based on their needs regarding space, style, functionality, scale, color, etc. Kim works with cherry, maple, walnut, birch - or any wood species to which the customer is drawn. To further enhance the finished product, he offers clear, stained and catalyzed-paint finishes. His meticulous attention to detail is evident even in the smallest of projects. In addition to gorgeous pieces of furniture, Kim also creates custom built-in cabinets, cash-wraps and display pieces for commercial businesses, such as the beautiful store fixtures at Nest and The Bemis Bath Shoppe.

Often, his favorite part of the process is the initial design of the piece. Most customers have specific parameters he needs to work within so it can be a challenge to design a piece that is well-constructed, is aesthetically pleasing and fits the client’s needs - but he finds a way to do it every time. And each one is truly a work of art. “I find the process of making raw material into a finished project the most exciting. It’s the transformation of the ordinary into something special”, says Kim.

Dovetail Woodworking is located in Sheboygan.

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