A Toast to Nest And the Style of Pamela Butler Channel

posted by Beth Carreno on October 13, 2016

Pam is excited about Nest entering its 15th year in Sheboygan. But, she doesn’t think anyone will want to read about her. I know this isn’t true.

Pam is Nest. And Nest’s impact on downtown Sheboygan is unmistakable. Perhaps Pam has been inside your home to select colors and furniture; maybe Nest is your source for the perfect gift or special something you need; at the holidays her nickname is “Santa Pam;” and she provides many of us with style inspiration.

Beautiful Pam

Pam Butler Channel

So this very special blog is a feature of Pam and her answers to these 15 questions…

A self-professed reader of too many Oprah magazines, Pam took a lifelong involvement in retail and turned it into Nest. She was the kid who always had lemonade stands and candy shops at the end of the driveway. This says a lot since she grew up on a gravel road more than a mile from a tiny town of 300!
Her journey would take her to helping out at her grandpa’s antiques store, the stores of several arts centers and museums, and a detour as a creative writer. Her 1997 marriage to Kim eventually led to her move to the Sheboygan area. After a few years working for others, she opened the doors of Nest.

1. What vendors were the first you carried and that you still carry (and couldn’t live without)?

The second order I wrote to start the store was to Kyle Ellison at Kentucky Spring. We still carry his awesome wooden salad tongs at Nest and they are a customer favorite....I need at least 30 minutes to place a reorder as it's always great to catch up with Kyle.

Kyle Ellison

Kentucky Spring's Salad Tongs

When you're at Nest, check out the code on the price tags, the lower numbers have been here since day one. And the new vendors we checked in this week are #724 and #725! Dash & Albert rugs and Pine Cone Hill bedding were in the first five and are still a huge presence today.

2. Do you have a favorite new vendor?

I'm super excited about Emiko Franzen (photography) and we have some new jewelry artists coming who will knock it out of the park.

MG 0005

Ferris Wheel Art Photography by Emiko Franzen of F2Images

3. Who is the vendor you identify with the most

Simon Pearce is the artist and person I most admire... We have a very similar aesthetic and business philosophy, and taking care of our customers is paramount.

Simon Pearch Final

Simon Pearce's Essex COllection

4. What is your favorite color and your color philosophy?

Until a couple years ago, I would have said green, but now I'm loving blue-greens and even blues. My color philosophy is that it is a free country and if you love a color, you should use it. I really dislike red, but I have several clients who love it and it makes them feel great and we use it in their homes. Because who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks?

5. How do you approach (or what’s your mindset) for a new design job?

Really I am just a good listener. Clients just need to be drawn out and they'll tell me what they want and need - and then I figure out how to make that happen beautifully.

ResizedImage600649 e3695626540611feecc1d20c6fbadc31

The Result of Pam Using Her Superpowers

6. How do you balance Nest and raising your awesome kids?

Our kids are an important part of our businesses. So inspiring and curious and important to feed and clothe. They're super helpful, understanding and have grown up knowing the importance of great ideas, integrity and acting on both. (And you might even see them working at the store these days.)

Channel Kids

The Channel Kids in Younger Days

7. Who builds those amazing custom furniture pieces?

My husband (Kim Butler Channel / Dovetail Woodworking) is a talented furniture and cabinet maker. And sometimes, when it is really important, he'll build something for Nest. He's a really busy guy, but he has been integral to Nest's success. Always there to change light bulbs on the crazy-high ladder, there to deliver furniture, there to take care of the kids.

ResizedImage600434 c026ee66e18ea74449fda7b6d52c2907

A Dovetail Woodworking Creation

8. What do you look forward to?

Resting. And traveling.

What do you look forward to

MerSea Wraps Ready for Resting or Travel

9. What’s your favorite time of year?

I love fall. And Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

juliska forest walk table

A Thanksgiving Table Set with Juliska's Forest Walk

10. What trend do you think will be the next big one?

Mixed metals and even mixed within the same room (antique bronze faucet with brushed gold cabinet hardware, for example). I love all the greys and greyed-out colors. We've always loved and used them, but now that they're hot, that's an easier discussion.

11. What trend would you like to see come back?

Velvet. It's a perennial favorite of mine and a classic.

Velvet Pumpkins Hot Skwash

Velvet Pumpkins from Hot Skwash

12. Where do you get your inspiration?

Nature. Specifically light, color, texture, pattern. I read dozens of magazines, blogs, design books and catalogs. I use Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. I visit web sites, trade shows, design centers and stores. But nothing is more inspiring than a walk along the lake.

13. What are you most proud of?

My family. I would actually choose my kids to spend time with and befriend. And I would marry my husband all over again. And anyone who knows me, knows I have the most incredible circle of friends a girl could ask for. I'm very, very lucky.

14. What is your bliss?

Learning something new. Or visiting a new place. And college football.

15. How much sleep do you get? (And what kind of sheets?)

Not enough? I have Peacock Alley Soprano sheets on my bed right now - and they are amazing! My favorite sheets in the house are on Delaney's bed - a super soft striped set of Pine Cone Hill fabulousness.

MG 0030h

A Picture from Nest Home Store Taken by Emiko Franzen

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To Market, To Market...And Bringing The Best Home

posted by Beth Carreno on September 22, 2016

Start spreading the news…Nest has been to the Big Apple, the Big City, the City that Never Sleeps. It was all in pursuit of objects that will find their way to your homes. Objects of interest, luxury, and quality.

At the New York market, there are many vendors trying to get the attention of buyers. It would be easy to get overwhelmed if you didn’t know your mission. But the mission this trip was, as always, to discover pieces that will inspire; that are unique; and that are created with artisan care.

Nest is pleased to share some of our favorite new vendors and their products. We’ve also included some new products from vendors with whom we have a long and trusted relationship.

Andrew Pearce

As unique and beautiful as they are utilitarian, the bowls, boards, and utensils from Andrew Pearce elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. Andrew, his wife Christy, and their two children live in Vermont. They are focused on all aspects of their business from the creative process to minimizing environmental impact of their work. Each piece combines the artistic integrity of a hand-turned and finished bowl with the efficiency of a machine-made bowl.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Andrew comes from a family committed to creativity and quality. Andrew’s grandfather, Philip Pearce, and his uncle, Stephen Pearce, both worked with clay. His father, Simon Pearce, is a Nest favorite best known for his remarkable glass creations.

Andrew Pearce 2


India & Purry 

India & Purry is a project by Brooklyn artist Jessica Hollander. Inspired by nature and its beauty and taken from her oil paintings, Jessica has created a collection of pieces for the home. The translation of her art to simple objects like pillows and paper products is unique and calming.

India and Purry

Manny & Simon 

Manny & Simon is named after both grandfathers of the owners. It is a tribute to two hard-working men. This company could have easily been included in our August blog post that highlighted social and environmental responsibility. Manny & Simon create heirloom quality children’s products that combine classic and contemporary while keeping their commitment to using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Grandpa would be proud!

mannyandsimon WHALE 1

Olivia de Soria 

Olivia de Soria creates jewelry that is art that is jewelry. Each piece has sculptural flow. Olivia’s work is influenced heavily by cultural traditions and her travels. In fact, this interesting artist spent six months in the Persion Gulf studying pearl diving and its history. Olivia de Soria pieces are an art-jewelry fusion that are unique and beautiful.

OliviadeSoria 088 600x450

Some of our favorite vendors have also added new items to their lines. Le Jacquard Francais and Mariposa are helping us get ready for the holidays with the new additions to their lines. Petit Pehr has been creating their children’s line since 2013, and their additions for this year are a balance of whimsical and classic. If your life ever resembles a three ring circus, take a deep breath and organize it with Petit Pehr’s Big Top designs found at Nest.

BTB BigTopCanvasStorage Bin large 1

New packages are arriving daily at Nest. We’re busy finding the right spot for our favorite products, new lines, and amazing finds…that is until they find the right spot in your home!

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Giving Gifts that Make a Better World

posted by Beth Carreno on August 1, 2016

It’s a strong statement to say that certain gifts can make a better world. However, many items found at Nest do just that. Nest looks for vendors that combine function, beauty, and responsibility in their creations.

Recycling, repurposing, sustainability, ecological and social responsibility, fair and safe treatment of artisans and employees, and fair payment. These aren’t just words for many of our vendors; they are business as usual.

Making the world, and your home, a better and more beautiful place.

Mariposa’s Vidrio line of glassware is made of recycled pop bottles and their aluminum tableware and gifts are made of 100% recycled materials.  These handmade items are created by highly skilled artisans in Mexico.  In addition to ecologically responsible techniques, Mariposa’s artisans receive competitive wages, excellent benefits, and safe working conditions.  Truly beautiful.   

Mariposa Blog Ready 2 

How can a product make cleaning a more beautiful experience?  How about a product that doesn’t compromise safety, health, or an ecological consciousness for clean?  Caldrea creates its products with your home and family in mind. Their passion is fragrance.  Their signature is scent.  Their commitment is creating their passion without sacrificing the safety of your home, your family, or your world.    

Caldrea Sea Salt Blog REady 2


The founder and chief candlemaker at Ranger Station got into the candlemaking business because he was tired of cheap big box store scents and over-priced candles that he didn’t love either.  Ranger Station creates nostalgic outdoor-inspired scents that appeal to men and women.  But it’s not just the smell that they get right.  These quality, natural soy wax candles are each hand-poured into a glass that can be upcycled to hold your favorite beverage!    

Ranger Station Blog Ready


Comfortable enough to be barefoot; beautiful enough for any room in your home.  Dash and Albert have recently increased their line of PET recycled indoor/outdoor rugs.  What looks like one of their wool rugs is actually 100% PET or polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles!  In addition to creating beautiful rugs, all Dash and Albert rugs are made in accordance with fair trade practices.  

Dash and Albert Blog Ready


For more than a decade, BlaBlaKids has collaborated with the same artisans. Inspired by the work of these expert knitters while on a trip to Peru, the founders of BlaBlaKids began their company to provide knitted products for children using natural fibers. Their gift to the special child in your life combines a knitted doll or keepsake, commitment to fair trade, and environmental awareness. That is a tradition of beauty.

BlaBlaKids Blog Ready


Learning from nature and with the simple motto of Live beautifully, Matt and Nat create handbags and accessories that are inspired and inspiring.  This vegan brand uses no animal products in its production.  It does use authenticity, integrity, excellence, and love.  Matt and Nat prove that social responsibility doesn’t have to sacrifice style!  

Screen Shot 2016 07 30 at 1.10.09 PM


Susan Richter O’Connell is the artisan behind Rocformations.  Walks along the shores of Lake Michigan provide this Sheboygan, WI resident with inspiration.  Her signature beach stone jewelry developed out of a desire to continue experiencing the joy and serenity that she felt when beach combing.  In addition to creating jewelry that is unique and beautiful, Susan helps create a sense of community through her support of many local organizations.  

Susan Richter OConnell Blog Ready


Christine Street’s hand-crafted jewelry from Chocolate and Steel inspires through both its quote necklaces and its commitment to eco-friendly production.  The studio is powered 100% by renewable energy, metal scraps are saved and reclaimed, and no harsh chemicals are used.  Love and adventure are themes for the jewelry, business, and life. 

Chocolate and Steel Blog Ready 

What began with a hotel key has become The Giving Keys, a pay it forward company.  Old keys are upcycled into a wearable reminder of hope and possibilities.  Peace, Brave, Love, Faith, Breathe.  Pay it forward by sharing your key with someone who needs the message more than you.  The Giving Keys also employs those transitioning out of homelessness.  Words and actions that inspire.  

Giving Keys Blog Ready


It is a strong statement to say that certain gifts can make a better world. And Nest has a strong commitment to ensure that the beauty of our products are more than skin deep. Making our world, and your home, a better and more beautiful place.


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Summer Summer Summertime

posted by Beth Carreno on July 1, 2016

Wind-swept, sun-kissed, and sea-worthy. Bring on summer in all her glory!

Nest will help you make the most of your summer with everything from the perfect gift to what you need for the perfect day.

Nothing says summer like eating al fresco. Snacks and drinks can all go outside in style on Rock Flower Paper's summer themed serving trays and coasters.


RockFlowerPaper Trays 

Don’t worry if you’re landlocked. Juliska’s Berry and Thread Sea Life is the catch for an amazing meal.

Berry Thread Sea Life1 

You can elevate the ordinary or showcase your good taste with Mariposa’s trays and summery table accessories.

Mariposa Summer


 There is nothing better than sunshine on a summer day. Remind your “someone special” of their importance with one of the You Are My Sunshine pillows from Waste Not Paper.

You Are My Sunshine Pillow

Sunscreen, summer reading, lip gloss, sunglasses, ice cream money, swimming goggles, dry clothes…your bag runneth over! Hable’s colorful boat totes and bags will get you there with room to spare.

Hable Boat Tote


Whether you are stuck inside or simply want to make the memories last, Tossa and the rest of Mer Sea’s summer scents will let you bring the smells of summer inside.

MerSea Tossa


Anchors away before giving away that perfect gift! Wrap it up with nautical wrapping paper from Waste Not Paper.

Anchor Wrapping Paper

Summer won’t last forever. That’s what makes the lazy-day, family-filled traditions so special. Nest is proud to have a seat at your summer table.

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Gift Giving with a Personal Touch

posted by Beth Carreno on June 1, 2016

Take a personal approach to gift giving this summer. Many beautiful gifts from Nest can be monogrammed, engraved, or personalized. So whether you are shopping for the happy couple, the groomsmen, the graduate, or yourself, you can make it more meaningful.

Juliska’s elegance is undeniable and the perfect gift for a celebration. Trays and other gifts can be personalized to create a special gift for a special day.



Hand crafted artisanry. Simon Pearce creations are both functional and beautiful. Elevate your gift to a level above all others with a personalization or monogram. 

Simon Pearce

SimonPearce Hanover Bowl Med Engraved

Mariposa makes a wedding day and every day special with its distinctive look. A balance of traditional and fabulous, monogrammed and engraved pieces are a gift that will be treasured by any bride, groom, or graduate.

mariposa engraved 1 

Give a truly unique gift with a custom creation from Richwood Creations. Wooden cutting boards and trays can be personalized for Dad, groomsmen, the happy couple, and Badger Fans! How about the State of Wisconsin on a cheese board?

richwood creations


circular name date cutting boards grande


Indulge someone special or yourself with monogrammed bedding from Peacock Alley.  Sleep never felt so beautiful.  

peacock alley


Celebrate a date or special location with a pillow from Marshes, Fields, and Hills. Inspired by the beauty of natural places, it is the natural choice when looking for a gift that makes a statement!

mfh on beach


Make it yours.  Make it theirs.  Make it personal. Make it your way…with help from Nest Home Store.  


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Nature's Inspiration

posted by Beth Carreno on May 1, 2016

Get inspired by nature this spring by bringing its most beautiful handiwork inside. Bold florals, subtle watercolor interpretations, and happy blossoms are a welcome sign of spring in the garden and in your home.

Gather friends and family at your table.  Everyone will want to linger when you use Juliska’s happy Field of Flowers pattern.

field of flowers 2 low res copy


A casual get-together with friends and drinks on the porch becomes a happier affair with one of Mariposa’s designs. Keep your napkins from blowing away in one of their beautiful napkin boxes with a seasonally-inspired napkin weight.

mariposa monarch napkin box


Tiptoe through the tulips, walk along the lake, or simply brighten your day with one of Betsy Olmsted’s scarves.

betsy olmsted scarf 4


Start your day with a song in your heart and flowers in your hair!  Vintage Rose Wraps, a grown-in-the-U.S.A. company of two sisters, creates happy headbands.  At Nest, you can find one that is unique to your sunny day.  



Nurture your flower child’s creative side with toys and games that let their imagination blossom!  Rain or shine, Eeboo’s Gathering a Garden game allows players to enjoy the bounty of a garden – with no plastic pieces! 

eeboo Gathering a Garden


Are they growing like a flower or growing like a weed? The Hot Pink Flower Growth Chart is a beautiful way to watch your child grow. 

eeboo Hot Pink flower growth chart


Marigold the Flower from BlaBla dolls will keep secrets and share giggles.   

Screen Shot 2016 04 22 at 1.01.57 PM 2

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A Graduation & Wedding Gift Guide

posted by Jordan Gottsacker on April 27, 2015

Nest – escorting you this memory-making season.

Graduation and wedding season is on the brink! Devise a perfect gift-giving plan for celebrations filling up your calendar’s spring and summer months. Creative, memorable, personal – Nest has suggestions to match the perfect gift to whomever you are looking to give. 


simon pearce hanover bowl

Simon Pearce

Timeless, elegant, original – Vermont-based Simon Pearce will capture the personality of your gift’s recipient. His hand-made glassware and pottery ranges from dinnerware and serveware to lighting and home décor. With an extensive amount of glassware that can be engraved, Simon Pearce truly offers the personalized gift you are seeking. 


simon pearce hanover

Rust Designs

Whimsical, delicate, nature-inspired – LA-based Rust Designs gleams with a playful offering of dinnerware, all entirely customizable. A chic way to carve a name into a tree!
birchDset 2T


From kitchen prep counter to dazzling dining table, Juliska provides a complete collection of ceramic stoneware available to expand upon for years to come. Customizable options are available within the metalware and glassware pieces.
gathering and grazing1
3066 DEFAULT M1899 DEFAULT M1594 DEFAULT M2042 DEFAULT M3247 DEFAULT MB472 C Alt1 0341


Brilliant, charming, modern – Mariposa-Gift offers the right sentiment for any entertaining occasion. Recycled aluminum gives Mariposa-Gift pieces their signature shine, among a wide assortment of serveware, glassware, picture frames, and charms. Engraving is available within an array of trays, platters, and picture frames.
mariposa live laugh love 17206 2d

3225 largeMariposa Classic Collection1

Peacock Alley

Luxurious yet practical, every Peacock Alley linen exudes a sense of indulgence and chic comfort.  The superior bedding and bath staple pieces are a practical gift that ensures daily comfort and luxury for years to come. Monogramming in a large assortment of color and fonts is available.

lyric stack 12
vienna weballseasons monogram two line
montauk towels 3
waffle robe
Vienna shower curtain

From distinct dinnerware and serveware to linens and décor, Nest encourages you to introduce practical every day luxury into your unique gift giving experience this wedding and graduation season!

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Noting Your Warm Words

posted by Jordan Gottsacker on April 1, 2015

Nest has been kicking it in good style for 12 years of wonderful business. Can you believe it? We are bouncing off the walls with adoration for our beloved customers! Every month our blog will feature a post to celebrate a specific quality we've noticed and admired about you including: decor-obsessed, a generous spirit, well-traveled, host & entertainer, handcrafted creature, seeker of uncommon, culinary enthusiast, family-oriented, style icon, tidy & organized, smells good, and knows just what to say.  Be sure to check back at the beginning of every month to learn about specific products that keep inspiring us to bring out the best Nest in you!


Dear Composer of Eloquence & Compassion,

Your words articulate and resonant with a cleansing and calming potency. From shedding positive warmth on solemn situations, to expressing momentous bliss in a joyous occasion or accomplishment, you always know just what to say. We are forever stricken by the gratitude & kindness integral to your receptive and impassioned words.





To enrich the sincere gesture of your written words, Nest stocks several greeting card and stationery lines. Filled with extraordinary amounts of individuality & purpose, we’ve uncovered some basics about a few of the inspiring stationery lines we love to carry:

ResizedImage500375 Hammocklarge

R. Nichols:

Inspired by the technique & topics taught by his 6th grade art teacher, R. Nichols developed an idea revolving around cut paper and tiny collages into his own line of greeting cards. Since opening his own retail store and creating illustration projects ranging from note cards & book illustrations to product advertisement & merchandising, his artwork has stayed true to his mission – which is to create joy, if only in small ways. 

ResizedImage400525 BirthdayWolfmobilelargeResizedImage400525 MiniRedGeraniumc3975ebe 140d 4258 9c19 87e1a4ff81d7largeResizedImage400525 2014 TY billboardlargeTYbicyclist2large

The Alchemy Project:

Nina Kohler, owner of Sweet Potatoes Boutique in Kohler, WI, founded the Alchemy Project. Bursting with inspiration intended to remind us that life is a grand journey, these cards and ‘quotepads’ provide the perfect writing canvas and frame of mind to reflect the spirit of giving, both to others & to ourselves.
ResizedImage500720 SPB01084ResizedImage500750 SPB01319ResizedImage500360 SPB00419


Screech Owl Design:

Screech Owl Design was founded in 2007 by artist and designer Jacqueline Schmidt. Though her company specializes in stationery, prints, notebooks, and all things paper, she is an expert in textile, interior, web & graphic design – which easily translates through the large variety of subjects within her artwork.  All of the images are hand-drawn, blending urban and natural, real and fantastic, and the familiar with unknown. Her unique artwork transposes itself effortlessly within a large realm of gifting possibilities. 

ResizedImage600471 207sweetmoments1024x1024ResizedImage600700 217lifeissweet1024x1024ResizedImage600720 225capturethemoment1024x1024ResizedImage600450 249partytime1024x1024ResizedImage600424 495onajourney1024x1024ResizedImage600451 496swweetfriend1024x1024ResizedImage600416 507gather1024x1024


oneCanoetwo letterpress was founded by two childhood friends, Carrie Shryock and Beth Snyder. Their company name is rooted from these younger years of the two dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe. One canoe, two girls. One canoe, two. Shortly after starting the company, Carrie’s sister-in-law Karen Shryock to join the team. Now three women strong and creative as ever, 1canoe2 creates letterpress art that continuously makes people happy in its cheerful, colorful, & imaginative designs.

4ff757ab32bd56194ccf6c4beb35eccaResizedImage400280 7e84ab82371395f3204d6504b48bff8cResizedImage400300 993fd05348a3faab2ebb4d30cdaa2d0c2a92f254081c3ae2e1fb0d1c2064d3fb4ResizedImage400600 fe32ac381a87a7054e92084fe90e57daResizedImage400290 f50d27717bb81f7c1837cbcb8075b2c0

No matter what your written sentiment may be, Nest is sure to have just the right stationery for you!

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Alluring Embellishment Icon

posted by Jordan Gottsacker on March 3, 2015

Nest has been kicking it in good style for 12 years of wonderful business. Can you believe it? We are bouncing off the walls with adoration for our beloved customers! At the beginning of every month, our blog will feature a post to celebrate a specific quality we've noticed and admired about you including: decor-obsessed, a generous spirit, well-traveled, host & entertainer, handcrafted creature, seeker of uncommon, culinary enthusiast, family-oriented, style icon, tidy & organized, smells good, and knows just what to say. Be sure to check back at the beginning of every month to learn about specific products that keep inspiring us to bring out the best Nest in you!


Dear bedazzled bodies of alluring embellishment,

Your daily wardrobe is deemed complete when draped with the ultimate pendant, impeccable bangle or essential earring. Subtle, earthy, sleek, intricate, daring, raw, or refined; jewelry has the power to connect us completely to our definitive character.  Hypnotized, we revere your jewelry box, layered deep with profound extensions of your crowned charisma and distinct charm. 





Gold and Silver, basked in their ever-bearing precious metal splendor, shine with a raw and effortless illumination worth getting to know.


Gold is a soft metal, which typically requires additional metal mixtures to ensure longevity in your everyday wearing pleasure.

How to measure:

A karat defines the percentage of pure gold found in a piece. Here are the specific numbers to correlate:

24 Karat: 99.9% Pure
22 Karat: 91.7% Pure
18 Karat: 75% Pure
14 Karat: 58.3% Pure
12 Karat: 50% Pure
10 Karat: 41.7% Pure

Three methods of gold jewelry fabrication worth contemplating when honing in on your gilded prize:

1. Gold-Filled: Gold is bonded to a base metal alloy, such as nickel or brass, typically making up no less than 5% of total weight and all exterior portions are made of solid gold. Most tend to be 18K, but deviations are possible.

2. Gold-Plated: A base metal is dipped into an electroplating solution that deposits a thin layer of gold on the jewelry. The gold layer is relatively thin compared to other treatments, causing it to wear more quickly.

3. Gold-Vermeil: This method uses sterling silver as the base metal in a gold-plated construction technique. The highest quality gold vermeil is 24K but can be made with varying qualities.

4. Solid Gold: Prized for its rarity and golden glow, this is a solid 24K piece of jewelry. Though it appropriately sits at the top tier of precious metals, and is priced accordingy, gold's delicate chemical nature requires it also be tended to with extra purpose and caution in order to maintain its original glow and beauty.



Silver, undeniably popular because of its malleable and affordable qualities, this precious metal holds its own among consumers and craftsman alike. Silver, like gold, is inherently soft and is commonly mixed for durability purposes.

Three silver jewelry fabrication methods to muse when selecting your new shimmering adornment:

1. Fine Silver: Also known as pure silver, its .999 level of purity lends itself to be worn only on occasion because of its delicate nature.

2. Sterling Silver: This is an alloy that contains a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. The addition of another metal makes this a standard among silver grades to ensure durability in regular use.

3. Silver Plated: A base metal is dipped into an electroplating solution that deposits a thin layer of fine silver on the jewelry. The silver layer is thinner and wears more quickly than a sterling silver treatment.


If you are eager to know more, visit this incredibly insightful and resourceful website:



The Stone

Is there a difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones?

--No! Though precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, & emeralds) are commonly determined as more rare and expensive, there is no outlying difference in chemical makeup to differentiate them from that of a gemstone deemed semiprecious. Real value of a stone is determined by its cut, color, clarity, and carat – each rating independent to the type of stone under scrutiny.




Enjoy a nod to dedicated dazzle within the handcrafted pieces of a few featured artists within Nest’s jewelry collection:

Alice Roche Jewelry

Handmade in San Francisco, Alice’s jewelry yields an architectural feel and compelling simplicity.


ResizedImage600600 E528gfbabytabhoopgfResizedImage600600 e515gfkissdropResizedImage600600 tab cement


Chikahisa Studio

The beauty and grace of natural imperfection is woven into the organic, modern shapes of Seattle-based Ann Chikahisa’s handmade jewelry.


ResizedImage500380 24ba602cc98eb682c3ab150dd8d465f4ResizedImage500380 E23BRlargeResizedImage500360 9afe355447dfa09ccf271f97a7cbeeee



Satomi Studios

Based in Santa Cruz, Kristina Kada's handcrafted jewelry is inspired by a vital balance of energy and precision within nature. The vigor of life meets the detail of art in her scatter of organic shapes over architectural forms.

ResizedImage400500 small cloud tab earring satomi studioResizedImage400500 Satomi Studio neckalceResizedImage400500 Satomi Studio long raindrops 

Debbie Fisher

Brooklyn-based Debbie Fisher is known for her cherished detail to sourcing beads of all materials from around the globe. She preserves the inspiration of the bead's origin throughout her boldly delicate pieces.


df braceleteResizedImage600600 debbie fisherdb e2a1db e1bColleen Mauer

Master of mixed metals, San Francisco-based designer Colleen Mauer’s hand-made pieces are designed with the principle of minimalism and an organic take on typically geometric shapes.


Chocolate and Steel

Originating in LA, designer Christine Street runs an entirely handcrafted jewelry studio that places major emphasis on sustainable practices and wholesome lifestyle through love, kindness, and humor.


ResizedImage400400 chocolate and steelResizedImage400400 JKpeachtomato1500x1310ResizedImage400400 IMG78181 300x300ResizedImage400400 CS150124 Pebble Heart

Ananda Khalsa

Massachusetts based, Ananda’s pieces marry the precious quality found in ancient jewelry with modern form, while framing the exceptional beauty of each stone in her work.

ResizedImage400400 ananda khalsa hoopResizedImage400400 Ananda Khalsa Druzy diamond dot earringResizedImage400400 AK rosecutprenitegolddotear

Find hundreds of more hidden gems in the jewelry case at Nest!
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Cozy Season

posted by Jordan Gottsacker on January 29, 2015



1. Bundle Up: Kick the cold weather in a stylishly good manner

Nest Recommends: Hand-knitted gloves, hats & scarves

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 2. Embrace Spontaneity: erase winter's starkness with playful patterns and color

Nest Recommends:  Printed & knitted accent pillows + Hooked rug ottomans


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3. Bring the Outdoors In: embrace the natural warmth wood finishes + accents have to offer

Nest Recommends:  Wood lamp bases and shades + Recycled wooden-framed mirrors & artwork



 4. Switch Your Scent: Think woodland pine, bitter orange, cloves, cinnamon, peppermint, tobacco + leather

Nest Recommends:  Try a new candle, reed diffuser, hand creme or perfume



5. A Supplement For Darker Days: less daylight requires warmer, softer layers of indoor lighting

Nest Recommends:  Add in more lamps & votive or hurricane vessels with candles


6. Preserve a Garden of Color: dried floral bouquets maintain outdoors' natural rejuvenation

Nest Recommends:  Add sprigs, wreaths & garland or a new centerpiece arrangement



 7. Layer in Luxury: create interesting textile juxtapositions with saturated hues and cozy textures

Nest Recommends:  Garment-dyed velvet pillows & bedding + Herringbone Throws


ResizedImage500500 sferra throwbella note velvet couch

 8. Begin in the Kitchen: a warm breakfast is a sure start to shake winter's morning chill

Nest Recommends:  Try a French press or crepe pan and batter bowl

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 9. Shake Your Solitude: Strike up a lively written back and forth with an old or new pen pal

Nest Recommends:   Stock up on greeting cards, note card packs & stationery



 10. Pull It Together:  Move your furniture away from the walls + create more intimate arrangements

Nest Recommends:  Completing the look with a tufted or hooked wool rug


Stay warm all winter long with

cozy items from Nest! 




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